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Library and symbol libraries, blocks and drawings to Autocad
Large collection of blocks and symbols for Autocad current use

8.500 drawings in dwg format, organized into categories (4.200 Mb)
Collection of currently used blocks and symbols for AutoCad
Drawings are presented in a
DWG R14, 2000/2002, 2004/2006
 2007/2008, (R)2010 format
+ (R)2013-2017 versions + 3,000 Textures
+(dxf Archicad and other cad systems)

with downloadable online examples
Image2.gif (2330 byte)
Image3.gif (3233 byte)

Cad Blocks on Dvd
Drawings libraries
for CAD systems
DVD /Pen Drive

  Patterns are in a DWG R14/Lt97/Lt98-2000/2002/Lt2000/ 2004/2006/2007/2008 format


Our drawings are extremely convenient in a number of fields, like construction engineering,
furniture, architecture, hydraulics
electrical systems, mechanics, town planning, toponymy, 3D symbols...

Save examples of our libraries from the DVD (bitmap preview) in DWG format (2000 release).
In this area you may download free cad blocks to help you in your work.
You must install Winzip Software in your PC in order to open our free downloadable files
  (winzip Download winzip to open the block dwg  for free)

frecciarossa.gif (99 byte)Motor vehicles
frecciarossa.gif (99 byte)Trees-plan view
frecciarossa.gif (99 byte)Trees-front view
frecciarossa.gif (99 byte)Bedrooms
frecciarossa.gif (99 byte)Kitchen furniture
frecciarossa.gif (99 byte)Living-room furniture
frecciarossa.gif (99 byte)Other types of furniture
frecciarossa.gif (99 byte)Doors and Windows + 3D
frecciarossa.gif (99 byte)Bathroom equipment
frecciarossa.gif (99 byte)Silhouettes + 3D
frecciarossa.gif (99 byte)Street signs
frecciarossa.gif (99 byte)Fire and Accident-prevention
frecciarossa.gif (99 byte)Single-wire Electrical Equipment
frecciarossa.gif (99 byte)Electrical Single-cables
frecciarossa.gif (99 byte)Electrical Contacts
frecciarossa.gif (99 byte)Electrical Power stations
frecciarossa.gif (99 byte)Electrical Wiring
frecciarossa.gif (99 byte)Electrical Relays
frecciarossa.gif (99 byte)Electrical Miscellaneous
frecciarossa.gif (99 byte)Lighting
frecciarossa.gif (99 byte)Control boards
frecciarossa.gif (99 byte)Miscellaneous symbols

frecciarossa.gif (99 byte)Technical Details
frecciarossa.gif (99 byte)Hydraulics
frecciarossa.gif (99 byte)Mechanics
frecciarossa.gif (99 byte)Topography and cadastre
frecciarossa.gif (99 byte)Sports: venues
frecciarossa.gif (99 byte)Sports: symbols
frecciarossa.gif (99 byte)3D: Furniture
frecciarossa.gif (99 byte)3D: Bedrooms
frecciarossa.gif (99 byte)3D: Plants
frecciarossa.gif (99 byte)3D: Bathroom equipment
frecciarossa.gif (99 byte)3D: Miscellaneous
frecciarossa.gif (99 byte)3D: Vehicles
frecciarossa.gif (99 byte)Office + 3D

frecciarossaTextures frecciarossaHatch pattern frecciarossaTextures: materials

Quick view of all our drawings Quick view of all our drawings

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DVD /Pen Drive
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8.500 drawings classified into categories (4.200 Mb)
Drawings in dwg format for Autocad DWG R14, 2000/2002, 2004/2006
 2007/2008, (R)2010
(R)2013-2017 versions + 3.000 Textures in Tif

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